Final Project Proposal

Genre: Action 8-bit game

The game concept is based on Indonesia Independence Day Celebration as commemoration of the date 17th August 1945.

Game Concept

When first open player will view cutscenes of a village and how the villagers are preparing for the Independence Day Celebration. Next player, is taken to main menu, which is an open – map.

Around the map there will be available NPC (Nonplayer Charachter) that player can interact to access available minigames which are correlated to independence day games.


– Makan Kerupuk

This is a clicker game, click the kerupuk in order to eat it. The catch is there is a timer on the side, so better finish the kerupuk in time!

– Gobak Sodor

Avoid the player and get through the finish line in order to win. If an enemy hits you, you lose the game.

– Panjat Pinang

Platformer climbing game, where player have to reach the top avoiding falling objects (bicycle, baskom, sandals) from the sky! Reach the top to win or get hit by 3 items and you lose.

– Tarik Tambang

Spam the space bar to pull the rope towards your side. Manage to pull it then you win!

– Balap Karung

Hit the right keys and move your player forward in the race, beat the enemies to the finish line to win.

Game Classification

Windows size: 480, 320 pixels

Background tiles size: 864, 544 pixels

Overall Map Overview (on-progress)

Game Proposal by: Clarissa Indriyani & M Lukman Hanafi

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